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Getting to be one of the world’s largest corporations and most recognized brands does not happen by accident. It takes dedication and, more importantly, a marketing strategy that is more than just a haphazard attempt to reach some people somewhere. Marketing is an art and a science. One that most companies never really master.

Who Are You?

Any good marketing management solution has to be able to first answer this fundamental question. If you pick up the phone and call your SEO company or your outside marketing professional and they cannot tell you who you are in less than a minute, they are the wrong people for the job. The purpose of marketing is for people to know who you are, to identify with you, and to want to use your product or services.

How can you tell your customer to use you when you haven’t told them why?



Designing a Marketing Strategy

Creating a marketing strategy that works does not happen by accident. It is crafted carefully with specific goals and mile markers in mind. It takes your personality and creates a public image for your customers to embrace. It then continues to grow and evolve, just like your business, to reflect changing times. Managing your marketing is the first step to creating a long-lasting impression. Working within your budget, it is important to maximize your exposure.

Managing marketing often begins with branding. Does your branding tell the story of who you are? Is your logo and your image a reflection of what you want your customers to see? Is your perfectly SEO optimized website actually an online store that attracts people to use your services and buy your products or is it just something that ranks perfectly on Google?

Being Personal Sells
Think about the number of times you have gone to a website or picked up a magazine?Did you connect with them on a personal level or was it just more generic dribble designed to “educate” you?
There are a thousand dentists, lawyers, accounts, pipe manufacturers, coffee shops, and banks out there. What makes you different?
A good marketing strategy
highlights your story because if people know your story they are more likely to associate their story with yours and they are more likely to want to associate with you.
Changing the Way Companies See Marketing
Indelible Ink has been changing the way companies see marketing.
From being a cold and impersonal way to get people in the door, our marketing management solutions are creating warmth and a personal touch that builds customer loyalty and relies on the human experience to drive business to you.
We take what you do best and then present it to the world in a way that makes them want to know you, work with you, and be part of your story.
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